The Danish Maintenance Society - DDV - is a non-profit nationwide network of managers and technical specialists. The network is driven by high professionalism, and members use the network to acquire and impart knowledge, where knowledge sharing happens through conferences, seminars, network meetings and company visits.

The globalized and competitive world demands efficient operations. This means focusing on optimizing the operation through maintenance, and that applies to all type of companies in Denmark.

Maintenance should not be considered as an annoying cost but as one of tomorrow's vital competitive parameters. Only through constant optimization of all processes in society from large manufacturing companies to government offices, we may retain Danish workplaces and our current level of prosperity.

DDV is a professionally established network where members receive help and support by interacting with others.

DDV offers a number of different networks with different purposes:
• Discuss issues of common interest, for example; Operational optimization, and energy optimization, Energy and RCM - Reliability Centered Maintenance
• The development of laws and regulations
• Business development including management, skills development, HR and IT etc.
• Develop and share ideas, innovations and knowledge about optimizing workflows
• Training and Certifications