OEE Industry Standard

1.1 Intro
1.2 Efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity...
1.3 Is improvement still possible?
1.4 Increasing output
1.5 It happened to go well that day...
1.6 Our machines run non-stop!
1.7 Our machines run at top speed!
1.8 We have ‘zero defects’!
1.9 Are we ‘ideal’?
1.10 Yes, but then the costs will increase!


1.1 Intro
“Just scrape the barrel” was the title of a cover story about organizations published in “Intermediair”, a professional Dutch journal read by many managers. “We don’t need to pump more money into it, we should work more efficiently”, is what several politicians said. “Productivity can only be increased by making massive investments into ICT”, is another frequently heard statement. “For reasons of efficiency, maintenance is being outsourced”, is another favorite saying.

When you look for a deeper meaning behind these types of slogans, you will first encounter an enormous confusion of concepts. What is actually meant by efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity? And is it indeed true that improvements in this area always involve large investments, or is that precisely not the right thing to do?
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